How to Win Friends And Plan A Wedding In Belfast

How to Win Friends and Plan a Wedding!

We’ve seen it all here at Malone Lodge Hotel: the rose-tinted proposal on Valentine’s Day – the balmy after-glow of the engagement-happiness bubble; the ‘oohing’ and ‘awing’ over the ring; the hundreds of enquiries over the date until gradually the couple begins to have this sinking feeling that they are no longer in control of their own big day.

Everyone has an opinion, a horror-story haunting aunt, an ‘OMG you so have to wear pink’ cousin. If they are lucky enough to survive the aftermath of the proposal, the wedding-planning stage often stretches out before them like a gauntlet of family and friends brandishing Bush Tucker Trials!

As Belfast’s premier wedding venue, the team at Malone Lodge have been creating exceptional wedding days for many years, picking up a vast store of helpful tips along the way. We’ve seen even stressed-out Brides and Groom-grouches relax into the most laid-back lovelies under the care of our exceptional wedding team. So, here are some easy-to-follow hints to help you prepare for your special day:

  • Planning is essential – release your inner control freak and plan like your life depended on it! We have designed a fantastic wedding- planning calendar allowing you to map out a timetable of everything you need. It also acts as a talisman to ward off others with unwelcome opinions!
  • We have devised a very useful series of wedding-planning workshops, where you can meet our partners who will help with everything from uni-brow eliminators to unicycle artists.  
  • Get everything in writing and keep it all together in one place – we will ensure that all quotes and orders are clearly noted and dated.
  • Delegate a trusted trouble-shooter on the day; one of your family or friends who has good people and organisational skills, to deal with any unexpected hitches on the day (they happen sometimes!). We can discretely handle the issue, leaving you stress-free to enjoy your day.
  • Ask our advice, we may have a very simple solution to what seems like an enormous problem – chances are we have already solved this very problem for someone else!
  • Ask your best man and chief bridesmaid to help the photographer with your group photos. They will know everyone, so aunty Joan or uncle Joe won’t be left out of the important family snaps.
  • If you are on a tight budget, take a look at our mid-week deals or low season offers. Suppliers are not as busy at these times, giving you savings across a number of services.
  • Remember it’s your day so put your own stamp on it – our award-winning chef can meet with you and prepare any quirky food choices you might require while also not forgetting aunty Joan’s favourite Pavlova!