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Macklin's Bar Menu

Combining the richness of mahogany, the splendour of polished granite and marble and the comfort of leather chairs, Macklin's Bar offers a wonderful setting for an informal lunch or dinner with friends, colleagues or clients. 

The Bar Menu offers a variety of delicious starters, mains and desserts, all homemade by our award winning chefs. Whether a snack or a feast, Macklin's satisfies your appetite and thirst in comfort and style. We will endeavour to cater to all special dietary requirements.

Food served: 

  • Monday - Saturday 12.30pm - 09.45pm // Sunday  12.30pm - 8.30pm
  •  Sandwiches & scones served all day
  • Download Menu Here



Speciality Coffee 

Espresso £2.00
Fresh roasted coffee, compacted and brewed under
pressure, sealing in the intense flavour.
Espresso Macchiato £2.00
A single espresso topped with a short head of
milk to retain the warmth of the coffee beneath.
Caffè Americano £2.25
A single espresso with hot water served blackor with cold milk.
Cappuccino £2.50
A single espresso with foamed milk floating on top.
The masterpiece is complete only when dusted with
unsweetened chocolate powder.
Caffè Latte £2.50
Steamed milk, poured onto a single espresso to fill
the cup, then crowned with a short head of milk.
Flavoured Caffè Latte £2.75
Steamed milk poured onto a single espresso to fill
the cup, then crowned with a short head of milk.
Flavours: Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Vanilla.
Hot Chocolate £3.25
Rich in cocoa, sweetened to perfection, marshmallows,
vanilla cream and flake.
White Hot Chocolate £3.25
A deeply sweet experience, luxuriously pale and creamy.
Marshmallows, vanilla cream and flake.


Liqueur Coffees

Bailey’s Coffee served with Baileys £6.50
Highland Coffee served with Bell’s Whisky £6.50
Italian Coffee served with Romana Sambuca £6.50
Calypso Coffee served with Tia Maria £6.50
Café Royal served with Brandy £6.50
Irish Coffee served with Irish Whiskey £6.50
Russian Coffee served with Smirnoff £6.50
Stateside Coffee served with Southern Comfort £6.50
French Coffee served with Cointreau £6.50
Caribbean Coffee served with Rum £6.50
Monk’s Coffee served with Bénédictine £6.50
Thompson’s Luxury Teas and Infusions
Titanic Luxury Loose Tea £1.80
Green Tea with Jasmine £2.00
Lemon and Ginger £2.00
Earl Grey Special £2.00
Red Berry Infusion £2.00
Fresh Peppermint £2.00
Camomile Whole Flower £2.00