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  • Getting engaged, such an exciting experience for any bride and groom, but after the gloss of this exciting time fades away, whats left is actually planning the most important day of your life, or so they say.

    When doing research for this blog, I stumbled across countless blogs and articles on ‘how to plan the perfect wedding’ but really they are just bound to stress a bride-to-be, even more so than they already are.  Why does it need to be perfect?  Why cant it be a day planned by you and your loved one which reflects the both of your personalities, and which is just enjoyable for everyone involved, rather than ‘perfect’?

    Planning a wedding needs to be realistic, with regards to time-frame and budget.  A wedding is a day dedicated to celebrating the love for you and your other half by friends, family and other loved ones – it is not about outdoing the last wedding you went to and making sure to not make the same ‘mistakes’, if that is how they wanted their day to go then who are we to judge?

    “This is your wedding,  do what you love.  Invite the people you want.  Dance to the songs that bring you most joy.  Eat the best food you will ever have.  Be the king and queen of the rest of your life.  Enjoy all moments.  Share the photographs with your children and grandchildren.  But most of all, spend the rest of your days with the person you love”