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Belfast, The Home Of The Titanic

2012 was the centenary of the Titanic disaster although every year is a celebration of the incredible feat of engineering which produced this stunning ship.

It took just two years for the Titanic to grow from a pile of girders and rivets at Belfast’s harbour to the looming structure visible from anywhere in the city. With the sound of hammering rivets and clanging steel echoing around the streets and the thousands of locals marching to work in the shipyard each morning, you could say the city grew around the ship as much as the ship grew up there.

Belfast was once the greatest ship building port in the world; it built the largest man-made structure that ever moved and made a ship of dreams a reality. When the Titanic slid from its slipway into the chilly waters of Belfast Lough, it’s fair to imagine that the pride of a city soared with it. What a sight that must have been.

The story of the Titanic is etched, hammered and carved into the city of Belfast. Though the ship left port one hundred years ago, visitors will find portholes of this history around each corner, whether it’s the White Star drawing rooms, a Titanic-inspired mural, or the Samson and Goliath cranes of the shipyard itself. Titanic is such an integral part of the Belfast experience.

In a city full of stories, the Titanic can be the first page from which you explore Belfast. Come to the city that made the ‘ship of dreams’ a reality and see what Belfast truly has to offer.

There is currently an excellent exhibition in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum on all things Titanic. It included artifacts taken from the sea bed.

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Titanic Belfast tickets

Tickets for Titanic Belfast are now on sale from Belfast Welcome Centre and online via and
Tickets prices for the attraction range from £7.25 for children through to £17.50 for adults. Discounts are also available for groups, families, students and senior citizens.